Gospel Festival

Final concert of the Gospel Festival took place in the great hall of St. Anna’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria. Russian and Foreign performers took part in the Festival.

Besides joint gospel-choir “Open Door” with 30 participants from different churches of St. Petersburg, conductor Nina Elisheva, different foreign bands took part in the festival.

The great gall of St. Anna’s was packed to capacity. Many people were standing in aisles. There were about 200 people in the audience.           Some of the songs of the joint gospel-choir from St. Petersburg were conducted not by Nina Elisheva, but by gospel-maestro from Sweden Ioakim Arrenius.

Maestro Arrenius brought his own gospel-choir made of performers from different countries – Sweden, Norway, France and the USA. That gospel-choir rocked the hall especially – the audience sang and danced along with musicians.

Among other musical groups participating in the festival was a gospel group from Russia (Vyborg), bands from Norway, France and Belarus.

The concert lasted for 3 hours, and the final performer was a band from St. Petersburg “Support Point” – soloist Nikolay Tarasov. They sang several of their music pieces. Their performance was sponsored by “Concordia” Foundation.

“Concordia” was one of the sponsors of the event. After the concert everyone could get brochures by “Concordia” for free. 50 copies of “Luther” and 5o copies of “Lutherans” were provided by the Foundation. About half of them were taken after the concert. The rest were left on the special book table by the entrance to the Church.

Charitable concert

A charitable concert of Andrey Evert took place in psychoneurological hospital named after Kashchenko in Village Nikolskoe near Gatchina, Leningrad Region. Vladimir Neigan – a musician, singer and guitar-player – took part in the concert. Between 100 and 120 patients of the Department of Neuroses of the hospital attended the concert.

In the first part, Andrey Evert performed sons by Andrey Makarevich, Trofim, Boris Grebenshchikov, Bulat Okudzhava, accompanied by his guitar and instrumental track. Those songs were filled with deep contemplation and contained lines about Christ, prayer, motherland and mothers.

After that “Concordia” contact manager presented the books and brochures by the Foundation brought to the hospital and informed that everyone, who wanted to, could get those materials for free at the end of the event. He also explained, that it was possible to order other brochures and courses via mail, e-mail or telephone.

In the second part of the concert, Vladimir Neigan played his guitar and sang. He performed Russian songs, Russian Romantic songs and songs by Aleksandra Pakhmutova. His performance was met very warmly: the audience applauded, swayed in time with the music and shouted “Bravo!”

   “Concordia” Foundation sponsored that concert. The audience could get brochures “Why Do Bad Things Happen?”, “When Did Dinosaurs Live?”, “Finding Peace”, “Self-control in the Addictive World”, “About Angels”. 50 copies of each of those titles were brought to the concert. Besides, 30 copies of the following titles were also available there: “Bible Lessons for Children. The Old Testament”, “Steps of Faith. Part 1”.

About 75% of the materials brought to the concert were taken by the audience. Besides, employees of the facility in conversations after the concert mentioned therapeutic effect the concert had had in healing and reconstructive processes of the patients: before the concert, depressed mood and state of the majority of patients was not lost on everyone, the patients were slow and inhibited. After the concert, many of the patients’ faces showed smiles and tears of happiness, the patients were singing along with the performers and thanked them.

Quick anti-drug actions

Igor Baranchikov gave 4 concerts for youth on anti-drug use topic. November 30th 2017 in Krasnoarmeisk, Moscow Region – there were 60 people.

December 1st 2017 in Vladimir – there were 50 people.

December 1st 2017 in Ivanovo -there were 55 people.

December 2nd 2017 in Aleksandrov, Moscow Region – there were 65 people.

Everything went great, though Igor was really tired.

On Saturday December 9th 2017 an unplanned trip to a pre-trial detention center “Sailor’s Rest prison” (so called “Middy”) in Moscow.

Gera Alekseev – our other volunteer, member of “Druzhki” band, happened to be in Moscow and they decided to visit inmates there. Everything went really smoothly, as always! They had a good concert and after that spoke about Christ while drinking tea. There were 50 people.

We also had several quick anti-drug actions in two colleges in St. Petersburg together with Gera and Lusya.

December 13th 2017 – in Road-transport college – there were about 200 people.

December 14th 2017 – Another Road-transport college – there were 150 people.

Both young people and teachers were very glad to have us and pretty impressed. Praise the Lord!

As always, Igor took an overnight train back to Moscow, and didn’t even had time to visit “Concordia” office.

Christmas concert of “Otava Yo”

January 9th 2018 a Christmas concert of “Otava Yo” band took place in the Lutheran church of St. Anna located in 8, Kirochnaya street, St. Petersburg.

In the beginning, the church deacon Evgeniy Raskatov told about what Christmas is. Many of those who attended the concert, probably, for the first time heard about the fact that many attributes of their favorite new year holiday were borrowed from Christmas traditions, which take root in the Biblical story of Jesus Christ’s birth.

As always, many fans of that group came to the concert, many of them were with children. There were probably not less than 400 people. In the first part of the event the musicians performed Christmas folk songs. Multicolor laser beams of light intensified the festive mood. Both adults and kids love “Otava Yo” concerts not only for their good music, but also for the opportunity to dance.

At first, only children danced, but then the band’s lead singer Alexey Belkin invited everyone, who wanted, to dance, and that started a real fun. Everyone danced as they could and at their full speed.

At the exit from the hall, volunteers from the church were giving “Concordia” brochures, magazines and calendars. The Foundation was the concert’s sponsor.

In general, the event went well and everyone was happy.

Thank you, “Otava Yo”

Ministry for children in Novosibirsk

We provided children with Christmas and New Year presents.

Thank God, that with support of Concordia Fund, Vyacheslav Ostanin and his team managed to visit both TB sanatorium and TB hospital for children.

They organized Christmas and New Year celebration there and congratulated children and gave presents to them. We thankful for your support and help!


But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman…(Gal.4:4)


Contest for young performers

A final concert of classical music contest for young performers of spiritual and secular music “Re-Ligo” took place in the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg.

Participants of different age (children, teenagers and young adults), who successfully finished preliminary stages, performed at that concert. The host and the head of jury committee was the professor from St. Petersburg University of Art and Culture Dmitry Valentinovich Schirin.

Both choirs and solo performers took part in the concert. All of them showed high performing skills. For example, Gran-Prix of the contest was given to a young musician who played the clarinet. Another young musician played a virtuoso piece on the trombone, accompanied by the piano. And a very young 10-year-old piano player brilliantly played a piece by A. P. Borodin. In general, young musicians were the main eye-openers of the contest.

More mature musicians also took part in the contest. A young soprano singer from Belarus sang a romance by S. V. Rakhmaninov. And a romance by P. I. Tchaikovskiy was performed by a soloist from Saint-Petersburg.

Spiritual choir music was also presented at the festival. The constant participant of each festival is foreign students of Saint-Petersburg State Herzen Pedagogic University music department, conductor Peter Gaidukov. Chinese students managed to show all peculiarities of European and Russian choir music.

The concert attracted serious interest: about 150 people listened to it. “Concordia” Foundation” sponsored the final concert. 40 table calendars published by “Concordia” were among other prizes given to winners and diploma-winners of the contest. Besides, 100 free of charge pocket calendars advertising “Concordia” Foundation Internet resources andcopies of brochures “About Angels” and “Dinosaurs” were given to the audience.

Publishing Ministry

Two LHM brochures have been published – “Finding peace” and “Great deceiver”.

When faced with daily pressures that might stress us out, we need to tell ourselves the truth of God’s constant love and care. Since the Lord has been faithful to solve our biggest problems— sin, guilt and death—He surely will prove capable of handling all the other troubles that come our way.

We agreed with pastor of St Maria Lutherans church Rev Mikhail Ivanov for publication his sermon about Transfiguration. This brochure will be very useful for Christians.

Children’s Ministry

Our Volunteer Igor Baranchikov unde support of CF organized his music presentation August 1 in village not far Moscow for Children from poor families and for orphans. There were 33 kids. As usual the concert was very successful .

 We continue to support Children’s Ministry in Novosibirsk and visiting two or three times a month Children’s Tuberculosis Sanatorium in Novosibirsk 1 and 2, treating children from 1.5 years to 7 years and a children’s Tuberculosis hospital.

We are trying to collect clothes, shoes, toys, and various other that give citizens and bring the parishioners of our parish. Sometimes, those who wish can come with us and spend time with children.

News from Petrozavodsk

A few days ago we came back from a camping trip with our teenagers. It was blessed time for every participant.

We spent 5 days together, the topic of our trip was God’s Mercy. We saw God’s mercy and blessings every day. He kept everyone from getting injured, gave us good weather (it was cool, but without rains).

And by the end of our stay children said, it had been good, because the temperature had kept them from going  swimming.

We became better friends. Every day we had tasks for overcoming obstacles, and our teenagers took part in organizing those obstacles.

Now we are getting ready for an outing for children. All teenagers are helping us. And most of them want to be assistants to group leaders during that outing.

We thank God for His mercy!

Concert of a Christian performer

A charitable concert of a Christian performer Andrey Evert took place in the Chlidren Orthopedic Center named after G. I. Turner. The concert was visited by the patients, their parents and medical staff. “Concordia” Foundation sponsored the event.

In the beginning, Andrey Evert showed several tricks with guessing words, mysterious disappearance and appearance of banknotes, to break ice and to get to know the children. Those tricks caused great reaction from children, who lifted their hands and argued with the performer.

After that Andrey Evert showed a 25-minute film from the “Superbook” series about Jesus Christ’s miracles. The main idea of the cartoon is that circus tricks are just that – tricks. Real miracles on the other hand are connected with spiritual and physical healing as well as with changing lifestyle, repentance and spiritual rebirth. Those miracles are possible only to Jesus Christ. After the movie two Christian songs were played.

The next part of the concert was held by congregation of the Evangelical Church “Grace” (town Pushkin). A Sunday school teacher Ksenia Lyashishina disguised as a fairy played several funny balloon games with children. Children danced, sang, moved around with the teacher.

   After the concert all people could get free of charge brochures by “Concordia”. Those patients who weren’t able to walk and get to the concert were also given brochures.

Copies of “Bible Lessons for Children: the New Testament”, “Bible Lessons for Children: the Old Testament” were given to children and adults. Besides, adults got “Finding Peace” brochures, which help people overcome their fears, stresses, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Creation Ministry

Igor Savich took part in the International Forum, dedicated to the 425th anniversary of the birth of Jan Amos Komenský (lat. Johannes Amos Comenius). The Forum took place in Peterschule school June 7th and 8th 2017. More than 40 scientists from Russia, the Check Republic, Poland, Germany and Spain took part in the Forum.

Different speakers spoke about importance of pedagogical and philosophical heritage of J. A. Komenský – the great teacher and sophist of the Reformation.

The relevance of the ideas expressed by the great reformer of educational system and upbringing was discussed. The idea of the connection between religion and upbringing was repeatedly stressed. Ljudmila Golutvina spoke about spiritual art of the teacher and implementation of his message. Using example of Jeanne Guyon the speaker stressed that spiritual awakening is possible only through Jesus Christ. Without Him we cannot do anything. She quoted the Biblical prophet Jeremiah, who wrote that God gives men a heart with certain goal – “to know me, that I am the LORD. They will be my people, and I will be their God, for they will return to me with all their heart” (Jeremiah 24:7).

Igor Savich showed in his report that one of the main topics in all works by Jan Amos Komenský, the great teacher and thinker of the Reformation, is the idea that the right education has to be in harmony with nature. One of the basic principles of learning postulated by Komenský is the principle of visibility.

That principle presupposes that students will observe environment and thus get knowledge. Komenský considered visibility a golden rule of education. At the end of his speech Igor Savich recommended using induced fluctuations principle in order to demonstrate various processes and phenomena as the universal principle, which can be seen in nature as well as among people. That principle can be used at lessons as a part of experiments, which help students learn new things, new skills and form well-founded beliefs, in various educational establishments starting from primary and up to the highest level. That material is in the world around us and was created by the Lord.

 Teen’s Ministry

We had 5 playgrounds “Kingdom of Goodness” in different parts of Leningrad Region in the end of June and through July. There were about 30-40 children on each playground.

We are really happy that our teenagers, who were those children who came to our playgrounds several years ago, wonted to help us at this year playgrounds.

July 1st we rented a place in Kommunar in order to start small groups for teenagers and invite their peers there. We have planned 2 big events for 30-50 teenagers for the summer. Those events will be in the format of big outdoor games, after which we’ll be able to start weekly meetings.

There are positive things, and there are difficulties, but that is fine. We thank God for everything!

International Conference 

And a Third International Conference on the problems of creativity has taken place in St. Petersburg. The organizes are St. Petersburg State Economic University and Humanitarian Faculty and Society of Russian Philosophy at Ukrainian Philosophical Fund.

An International scientific conference “National element of creativity: time and transgression” in Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics.

The conference was organized in cooperation with Society of Russian Philosophy at the Ukrainian Philosophical Foundation and Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Russian Federation (henceforward MSIIR FAM).

Different reports on creativity starting from its philosophical aspects and finishing with applied nonscience and social aspects. Some speakers from different Russian and Ukrainian Universities were not able to come to St. Petersburg, so they took part in the conference via the Internet.

I. M. Savich, the head of “Concordia” Foundation, who chaired a plenary session together with M. V. Silantieva, Ph. D. from MSIIR FAM, gave his report on “Controlling Systems in Living Organisms: Creativity of Nature or Creativity of the Mind”

Using many examples he showed that controlling systems in living organisms are far more accomplished and work much more efficiently than those made by humans. On this basis he made a firm conclusion that nature is not able to create. Everything we see in living organisms has been created by the higher Reason.

There were many questions following the report. Most of them dealt with the Creation. One of the participants asked, what the higher Reason was, and Igor Savich answered that it was God, Who is described in Bible. G. E. Alyaev, Ph. D. in philosophy, professor, head of the Department of Philosophy and Socio-Political Studies of Poltava National Technical University named by Yuriy Kondratyuk (Ukraine), gave a report on “ Creativity: human or Divine?” He gave historical and philosophical analysis of the creative impulse and its realization in human consciousness.

Books and brochures on Creation point of view on appearance of the world published by “Concordia” were available for conference participants.

 Children’s and Teen’s Meetings

The latest news from Petrozavodsk.

Children and teenagers have the summer vacations now, and last weekend we had the last meeting of the “Firefly” club and last Sunday – in “Prosvet” (= For Light). During both of those meetings children thanked our teams for what they are doing. “Firefly” children have medals and pins with they gave to our teachers. And in “Prosvet” girls created a game for the club team and also gave them pins.

Our coach who helps children get ready for the Summer service has also gone on holidays. Children still want to go to church of Sundays when it is possible. That makes us happy. Each

The team started getting ready for the summer projects. We might be able to go on a picnic in June, which will be great ending for the season.

We are grateful for your  help!



  Summer Volunteer Project in Vyborg

Language camp for children in St. Peter and Paul Church in Vyborg finished successfully. A group of believers from the Lutheran Church in Minnesota under the guidance of Greg Heidorn, the pastor from Rochester made a lot of effort, to teach children basics of English speech.

Within a week children learned English songs, learned how to count in English. During breaks between serous lessons there were different games and sport events outside. During two days everybody watched “Jesus” movie.

Volunteers from the Lutheran Church in Vyborg made everything possible to feed both children and adults.

By the end of the week children from three groups, divided by age, showed what they had learned within the week. The youngest group showed, that they know all main colors in English and can count to ten. Children from the middle group showed a play in English about the Bible story when Jesus fed 5000 people. And the senior group showed the prodigal son play.

The final show was attended by parents of the children who were in the camp. Finally each kid received free Children’s Bible as a gift from CF. Volunteers from Minnesota distributed sweets and small gifts. Everybody was really happy. The project was supported by “Concordia” Foundation.